Music Update

2017-04-13 12:19:46 by Ultimatepalmtree3

Sorry I haven't been uploading new music recently. I've been very busy finishing tracks for an album release. It's first single "Unleashed" (previous beta uploaded here) has been released on YouTube with an actual release to follow soon.

I have finished these tracks now and have begun to work on new material. I don't know how long it'll be before I upload here again but I will come back with more sometime in the future :)

New EP

2016-08-14 10:25:30 by Ultimatepalmtree3

For those who are interested, I will be releasing a Pop-Rock inspired EP on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and Spotify in the begining of September. It will be called 'Indigo Hills' and will feature my previous uploads 'Ninja' and 'Attack Protocol' along with 4 other tracks. Search 'Kaz 03' to find my music on these stores and you can check out my previous releases and await the EP's release :D Should be the 5th

Fruit Loops Album

2016-02-27 07:15:19 by Ultimatepalmtree3

I'm finished using Fruit Loop Studios now as I'm completely obsessed with Logic Pro. I still have a Fruit Loops album arriving soon and just wanted to write this post to confirm that. I'm also going to be releasing it on iTunes and Spotify! The artist name is 'Kaz 03' (which is terrible I know, but it's not as bad as 'ultimate palm tree 3') and my first single is 'Scorch'. Go check it out and tell me what you think!

Tha album will also feature a mixed and finished version of my previous upload 'Techno Twilight'

Hi there :D I want to upload something new this weekend but I don't know what style to choose. Techno, Dance or something with a dubstep influence? Give me suggestions! I have at least one song for each (: